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Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Wrost Fashion Offender in Bollywood!

Wrost Fashion Offender in Bollywood!: They have access to the best designers in the industry, top notch make up artists and enough cash to buy the most chic in the market. Yet some celebrities can't seem to get their look right. What is worst is that they believe that they're making a fashion statement while all they do is leave people gasping in horror. So, we decided to list down some worst fashion offenders in Bollywood.

Amisha Patel: She may be pretty and petite but when it comes to fashion, she redefines blunders. You know we're not joking when she manages to makes a complete mockery of the classic sari with her distastefully hanging pallu.

Genelia D'Souza: She may be the face of Vogue this month but Genelia D'Souza needs a crash course in fashion. While we commend her for trying on different looks, she almost always goes for the extreme.

So if it's a sari then it's a heavily ornamented garish one and if it's a short cocktail dress, then she gets inspired by the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry to sport something edgy but outrageous. What is disappointing is that she doesn't even make a loud fashion statement like the ladies mentioned above.

Rani Mukherjee: She has been here before. Often criticised for her choice in fashion, this year has been a fashion catastrophe for Rani. This year she makes it to this prestigious list for making the ubiquitous jumpsuit look atrocious. Clearly, it doesn't suit her frame and makes her look stout.

Amrita Rao: Sonam Kapoor was right when she said that Amrita Rao needs a stylist badly. She has a beautiful body but almost always manages to dress up in gaudy suits which make her look much older.

Sushmita Sen: Sushmita Sen has a thing for Kaftan dresses but when she strutted out in a hideous yellow dress which looked like a curtain wrapped around her waist. Another time she walked out in a black dress with a metallic disc placed in a rather phallic way.

Shekhar Suman: Enough with the cleavage. Yes, while we commend Shekhar Suman for working out and sporting six pack abs at his age, he needs to stop wearing shirts with necklines deeper than Yana Gupta's recent black dress.

Parmeshwar Godrej: Parmeshwar Godrej managed to put cat woman to shame when she walked out in a sheer black top, black spandex pants and black heels. No offence, but there is something called dressing for your age.

Monikangana Dutta: She may be good at dressing down for Victoria's Secret but when it comes to dressing up for the red carpet or a public appearance, Monikangana Dutta manages to stun all with her illiteracy about fashion. Who can forget her atrocious boots with a short dress or a white blanket dress?

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