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Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Sonakshi Sinha tweets about swimsuit buzz!

Sonakshi Sinha tweets about swimsuit buzz!: Performing artist Sonakshi Sinha took to Twitter to illuminate that she has not posed in a swimsuit for the blanket of Maxim magazine.

This foreswearing comes exactly as photographs of Sonakshi in a white two-piece showed up on the Internet and were distributed on the India Today web page. Yet, the Maxim magazine blanket in reality shows Sonakshi wearing a dark dress.

Sonakshi wrote on Twitter, “Quite shocked to see India Today carrying an article on me appearing on Maxim in a bikini!! Yeah right”

“These guys generally have their facts and figures right!

Got the fact that I'm on Maxim right, but the figure (pun intended) completely wrong! Would've been smart if they checked out the magazine before writing whatever they felt like. It's not about me anymore but about their credibility,” she added.

Even though Sonakshi is set to shed her image of a simple village girl (from Dabangg) in her upcoming films, she has time and again stated that she will not wear revealing clothes to gain popularity.

Evidently miffed by the incident, Sonakshi adds, “I wouldve let it pass if my family was not dragged into it. The journalist in question, being a woman, shouldve realised that respectability and family values are not to be tampered with. Especially not mine.”

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