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Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Shweta Salve: seller of the bikinis at Goa

Shweta Salve: seller of the bikinis at Goa: Actress Shweta Salve got to make an easy buck at the Sunburn music festival in Goa.

While people were grooving to techno music, boozing, romancing, Shweta was occupied with something unusual. She had put up a stall at the festival and was purveying bikinis and swimwear.

The beachwear, needless to say, sold like hot cakes, much to Shweta’s delight. Apart from money, she also made a few friends.

About Sunburn Festival

Over the last three year, Sunburn Goa has become one of the best international music festivals. It provides a wholesome beach and party experience, with electronic music, beach volleyball and even rock climbing.

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