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Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

Shahrukh Khan in WikiLeaks

Shahrukh Khan in WikiLeaks: Like every other politician whose name has been mottled in WikiLeaks, the latest we hear is that superstar Shahrukh and his controversial movie ‘My Name Is Khan’ has also found a mention in the US embassy cable leaked by WikiLeaks.

According to the reports, ‘My Name is Khan’ was grappled in controversy, when the Shiv Sena had warned against the screening of the film, since SRK had voiced his opinion against the Pakistan players absence in the IPL season.

The cable dated Feb 22, 2010 read, “The Shiv Sena had threatened to ban screenings of Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming movie, My Name is Khan, because Shah Rukh Khan publicly lamented the absence of Pakistani cricket players in India's professional cricket league for the coming season.”

Cable mentioned series of events during the release of MNIK
The cable also mentioned about the continued verbal attacks of the Shiv Sena and their violent behavior of burning the film’s posters and threatening the theatre owners for screening the film in Mumbai.

It was also revealed, even after all the violence, the movie was released in theatres with the support of the Mumbai Police security.

SRK excited about his TV show
King Khan, who is all set to make a come back on small screen with ‘Zor Ka Jhatka’ on NDTV Imagine, is quite excited about the show, and revealed that he’s waiting to entertain the audiences in their bedrooms like no one else can.

"I am bedroom ka Badshah. Jo main de sakta hoon koi aur nahi de sakta. People may say I'm being vulgar, but the bedroom is the place where families watch TV together. Well I'm going to entertain you in your bedrooms like no one can," stated SRK to reporters at the launch of the show.

Speaking further about the Indian version of the international show ‘Wipeout’, SRK stated that the show will have loads of fun and he is looking forward to be a funny host-commentator.

With every other Bollywood actor vending his way to the small screen, does it mean they are laying a competing foundation in small screen too?

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