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Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Shahrukh Khan face again Shiv Sena for IPL?

Shahrukh Khan face again Shiv Sena for IPL?: Shah Rukh Khan is again in the eyes of the SHIV SENA as he has hosted a dinner party for the news channel prime TV on November 26 in London, which was the second anniversary for the martyr's who died after the terrorist attack in Mumbai.

Though, Shiv Sena was angry with Shahrukh Khan because he wanted to include Pakistan crickets in IPL.

Shiv Sena has questioned him that on the day of attack why he was having party with the people of Pakistan as they had hands in the attack. It is very disgusting on part of, so big personality to do so.

Why is he in London and raising finance there, when in India we have torrents in many parts? Why don't he raise fund for our poverty or the people who dies on 26/11?

They did the same with Mahesh Bhatt when this incident came up so Shahrukh Khan is no exception. We revolted in Mumbai when he wanted Pakistani players to be in IPL. He should think about the country and the feelings of people before taking such step.

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