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Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Sara Khan and Ali Merchant living separately so far!

Sara Khan and Ali Merchant living separately so far!: Television stars Sara Khan and Ali Merchant, who so jovially got married on Bigg Boss 4 are now living separately.

Ever since Sara was evicted from the house, things haven’t been hunky dory between the couple. Rumour has it that they fought over financial issues, but Ali maintains that it is Sara’s parents who have still not accepted him as their damaad.

So Ali has packed his bags and moved out of Sara’s Lokhandwala apartment and is living with his parents presently.

Ali says he hopes to win over Sara’s parents and then live with her.

It may be recalled that Sara’s parents hadn’t attended the duo’s wedding in the Bigg Boss house. They had rather claimed that Sara and Ali are already married.

Reports also say that Sara and Ali were paid handsomely by Colors channel to tie the knot on the Bigg Boss, so that the show’s TRPs go up.

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