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Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

Saifeena's 'Agent Vinod': action sequels faces budgetary deficit?

Saifeena's 'Agent Vinod': action sequels faces budgetary deficit?: The news is rife that director of ‘Agent Vinod’ Sriram Raghavan has decided to incorporate three very expensive action sequences in the film but the shooting shall begin only in March, 2011 coz of budgetary deficits.

Director cites that he has decided to cut down on the 7 minute action sequence to mere 3 minutes but he has no intention on compromising with the quality. The next schedule of Agent Vinod is slated for 2011. The director has already shot about one hour of the footage.

Interestingly, actress Kareena Kapoor is also likely to go under training as she, too, is a major part of some action sequences.

Though, Kareena has been keeping mum about the subject, the report suggests that she has got two heavy-duty action sequences that she would be performing in Agent Vinod.

However, dearth of budget has pushed back her training date and apparently, the film is not yet well prepared. Besides, some of the action sequences shall be shot in UAE which would be economically feasible. Also, the director needs choppers flying in the night for which he is required to shoot in UAE as India hasn’t granted them the permission to use choppers at night.

Though, the audience would love to see Saif (who is the producer as well as the lead actor) flaunting his style a la James Bond, director admits that they don’t have that kind of budget. Looks like, the film is not shaping up as well as we would have liked it to!

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