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Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Rakhi Sawant's inspiration with Aamir Khan's wife!

Rakhi Sawant's inspiration with Aamir Khan's wife!: Aamir Khan's talented wife Kiran Rao is intrigued in the minor screen. No, she is not set up to be a judge or a host of a show, the woman will investigate the universe of Indian reality shows, that have made stars like Rakhi Sawant, to produce a picture on it.

As roots reveal, the plan of the picture sprouted from the incident when a man from Jhansi submitted suicide following he was expressed impotent by Rakhi on her show Rakhi Ka Insaaf. There is no denying that Rakhi owes her vocation and acclaim to reality shows, and there are countless who are entranced about participating in these reality shows so that they moreover have their allotment of acclaim on TV.

Kiran’s Dhobi Ghat is complete and is ready to hit the theatres on February 11.

The first-time director has already earned the name of being a sensitive, realistic filmmaker. So, what is going to be her take on Indian reality shows? As she is quite a pro in portraying complex human relationships after Dhobi Ghat, this film will also try to show the interpersonal relationships between the participants on these shows and how their emotions are often compromised with, reports a daily.

Can we hope to see any reality star in this film enacting herself?

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