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Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

Press Meet of Katrina Kaif for Tees Maar Khan

Press Meet of Katrina Kaif for Tees Maar Khan: It was chance to state 'Welcome' to that winsome jodi. Khiladi Kumar and Katrina Kaif, that is. The pair was in town to support Farah Khan's "Tees Maar Khan". The Bollywood biggies stopped at a lounge rod for the press gathering on Saturday and the people was energetic to get a piece of them.
When matters got crazy, Akshay took matters under control reporting, "Let the press meeting be over. We will then make time for photographers. " A murmur of a thank you later, Katrina was the first to encounter an issue.

Asked to give a peek into her character, the actor said, "If you see the recent promos, then you'll see that my character is much more than Sheila."

A mere mention of Sheila and Katrina was given her next question, the very fact that her "Sheila ki jawani" reminds one of Shakira. Before Katrina could answer that one, Akki congratulated the journo for having compared the two and not drawing parallels between "Sheila" and "Munni badnaam hui". Katrina answered, "This is a comparison I can only dream of. I consider it a huge achievement. But the credit goes to Farah for having given me steps that would suit me." She reminisced, "It was a challenge for me. This was my second song with Farah post-"Just chill". Her assistant, Geeta, taught me the steps as it was not possible for Farah to be with me during the practice sessions. I was literally shaking thinking whether or not I'd be able to meet her expectations. But when she saw me doing the steps, she simply praised me."

Akshay being synonymous with stunts, he was asked what kind of daredevil acts he carried out this time around. The actor referred to one of his dialogues where he is asked what should be done with a mob chasing him. "I say, 'Aise waqt pe sirf ek hi kaam karna chahiye... bhago.' So, there are no stunts here. Main sirf bhagta hoon (I just keep running)," he answered tongue firmly in cheek. The actor showed a presence of wit even when asked whether the pressure was on him to deliver because Farah had earlier delivered a hit with SRK. Akshay went on to say, "Farah is very bossy. Lots of men are scared of her. As far as pressure is concerned, it is not on me but on her." With fearless being a term associated with the film, one wanted to know how fearless he was to survive in Bollywood. The actor joked, "Fearless and shameless, you mean? Well, I've been here 22 years now. I hope to survive a few more years." And when it comes to hits, the actor clarified that he is not banking on his earlier hits with Katrina to sail them through this film. "My lady, Katrina, has put in a lot of effort in this film," he said, while Katrina added, "We have worked the hardest on this film."

So films apart would she be interested in television? To this, she remarked, "I would be, as soon as an English speaking show is offered to me." So she is yet to master Hindi, retorted one. And Akki got on the defensive with, "Six-seven years back when this lady came from London, she didn't know a word in Hindi. Today, she has achieved a lot." Finally then, when would this pretty lady achieve a trophy husband for her, one wondered out loud. "My marriage plans?" she asked in return. "These things cannot be planned," Katrina diplomatically put any further marital questions to rest.

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