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Rabu, 08 Desember 2010

Pooja Bhatt to make romance between Ashmit and Veena in Jism 2?

Pooja Bhatt to make romance between Ashmit and Veena in Jism 2?: Pooja Bhatt is in the process of making Jism 2. She is in search for the leads of the film. Guess whose on her list? Reportedly, Pooja is thinking of roping in Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik, inmates in Bigg Boss 4 house for Jism 2.

Well! Pooja has not land on the decision by herself. It was actually the request of the fans to feature Ashmit and Veena in the squeal of Jism.

It was reported that Srilankan actress Jacqueline Fernandez was approached for the role. Hearing to which Pooja informed on the micro-blogging site that Jacqueline was never an option for Jism 2. She even mentioned that she wants a 'real women' for the role.

On that her fans suggested the Bigg Boss duo's name for the film. Pooja seemed to be satisfied with the suggestions. The couple has definitely becomes popular among the Indian audience. There are a lot of chances for that they will do justice to the film.

Looks like Bigg Boss has acted as a lucky charm for Veena and Ashmit. Hopefully we will get to see more of the couple even after the reality show comes to a cease.

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