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Senin, 06 Desember 2010

Kiran Rao strictly against casting Aamir Khan for Lead Role?

Kiran Rao strictly against casting Aamir Khan for Lead Role?: Hard to believe, but Kiran Rao was strictly against casting her husband Aamir Khan for the lead role in Dhobi Ghat. How Aamir wooed her makes for an interesting story.

When Aamir read the script that his wife had written he happily volunteered to play the character of Arun, a painter living in the very crowded Masjid Bunder area in Mumbai.

But Kiran was categorically against signing Aamir. Firstly, she was looking for a new face. Secondly, she wanted to shoot the movie in real setting and the presence of Aamir would create crowds of fans within minutes.

Kiran, in fact, auditioned a number of new actors. But none satisfied her. That’s when Aamir played his trick.

“I offered demonstrate to Kiran and the film’s crew how the character should be played,” Aamir said in a TV programme.

Of course, Aamir’s objective was to grab the role. And the trick did work. Once Kiran and the crew saw the rushes of Aamir playing Arun, they unanimously agreed that he suited the role best.

Then what? Aamir had what he wanted.

About Kiran’s fear of Aamir’s presence creating a mob fury? The actor shot secretly in real location and stayed inside a flat for three weeks without anyone in the area getting to know of it.

Some smooth operator he is!

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