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Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

Farah Khan mocked Shahrukh Khan!

Farah Khan mocked Shahrukh Khan!: There was a time when Shahrukh Khan and Farah Khan couldn't stop themselves from praising each other; however things changed dramatically off late.

Though everyone is still in doubt about how it all started, but we started getting an idea when Farah was often seen with Salman in public, who also happens to be the arch foe of Shahrukh, then came the news of Farah casting Akshay Kumar in her upcoming bollywood film "Tees Maar Khan" and people started speculating.

And now the news is that Farah has also mocked Shahrukh in the film. In "Tees Maar Khan" Akshaye Khanna's character is based on SRK, in the movie the character continuously visits London for back ache problems, which is correct with Shahrukh. Also in TMK an international film maker, named “Danny” offers a movie to Akshaye, however he keeps him waiting for a long time and then declines the offer and the movie goes on to become one of the biggest hits of century, this as well happened with Shahrukh when Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle approached him in the first place instead of Anil Kapoor.

Through these things one point is clear, that in the movie we will find Shahrukh Khan in centre of every comical mocking, however let us see how the movie turns out, in a poll conducted by FilmiTadka, Tees Maar Khan is one of the most awaited films.

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