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Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Ashmit Patel misses Chintu (Sara Khan) in Bigg Boss house

Ashmit Patel misses Chintu (Sara Khan) in Bigg Boss house: Day 69 begins with housemate's waking up on an enthusiastic number from the film ‘No One Killed Jessica’. While Veena Malik attempts to prepare breakfast, she tells Ashmit Patel how imperative it is to embrace an individual, if its your house or companion.
She is likewise euphoric that Ashmit survived the disposals to which Ashmit sarcastically remarks ‘Pata nahi bach gaya ki phas gaya’( who knows in the event that I am safeguarded or trapped). Ashmit who is sitting with Veena tells her what amount of he misses chintu otherwise known as Sara Khan.

Dolly and Veena are hectic preparing the breakfast while the skipper WWE Superstar The Great Khali is relaxing in the living room. As every living soul else is ravenous, Samir Soni and Shweta Tiwari request him to consume first so that they can consume too corresponding to Bigg Boss standards. Soon following the breakfast Ashmit and Veena show some kindness. As Ashmit was holding up for Veena so that they both can begin the yoga as one, Veena was occupied wearing make up. This chafes Ashmit and is unsettled with Veena but Veena has taken this issues lightly. Notwithstanding the frosty war starts betwixt both inspite of Veena attempting her greatest to pacify him.

Day 70 starts with another peppy song ‘Urvashi Urvashi Take it easy policy’ and Dolly tries to match the song with katak. Housemates realize that eggs are over and there are not any left for breakfast, while they were fighting for eggs the previous day.

Soon Bigg Boss decides to give them their weekly task ‘Haath choota toh kismat phooti’. As per the task Bigg Boss makes 3 teams of two housemates each. Each team will be tied with handcuffs and one team member will be blindfolded for one full day, while the other needs to guide him for everything. After the task was announced the teams were formed Veena - Dolly, Ashmit - Shweta and Samir – Seema. Samir makes fun of the house captain WWE Superstar The Great Khali saying, he learns the rule very fast when he becomes a captain. Samir continues saying one rule WWE Superstar The Great Khali follows very well is that Captain is barred from doing any work.

WWE Superstar The Great Khali asks Veena to teach him few words of Urdu. Veena tries but WWE Superstar The Great Khali faces difficulty in pronouncing the words correctly. Dolly and Veena are scared after they find some black threads lying in the kitchen assuming it to be related to Black magic. They call out for WWE Superstar The Great Khali who picks the threads and throws them in Dustbin, after which both ladies heave a sigh of relief.

Soon it was time for nominations and housemates have to nominate two names. Housemates are shocked to see two close members of the family being nominated. Shweta is not happy with her friends Samir and Seema Parihaar being nominated for eliminations.

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