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Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Ajay Devgan's new mission of Hollywood

Ajay Devgan's new mission of Hollywood: Bollywood is getting ambitious. Its technicians, actors and filmmakers seem to have a shared mission. The mission is to take on Hollywood. Not only in terms of its storylines but technically too.

The man busy doing this at the moment is actor Ajay Devgan. The star has taken on upon himself to take on Hollywood with his upcoming film Toonpoor Ka Superhero.

Ajay believes that the film is in every sense no less than any Hollywood production. Talking about his film, Ajay says, "Toonpoor Ka Superhero is technically as advanced as any other top line film in Hollywood. We have made sure that the film opens a new chapter in animation industry in India and shows the world the technical craft and expertise that bollywood has achieved over the years."

With Ajay all set to take on Hollywood single-handedly; let's hope it's a big victory all the way.

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