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Selasa, 30 November 2010

Ranbir Kapoor's next bulky bulk 'Barfee'

Ranbir Kapoor's next bulky bulk 'Barfee': Katrina Kaif’s alleged boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor may be a lean guy as of now. But better get a good look at him coz he is not going to stay the same. Ranbir shall soon get bulkier since he has decided to put on some extra pounds for his next film ‘Barfee’.

Earlier titled as ‘Silence’,  ‘Barfee’ shall feature Ranbir in a dumb and deaf character. However, it’s no emotional melodrama but a comic caper and Ranbir shall be honing his comic skills for this film.

Director Anurag Basu, being a die hard admirer of Charlie Chaplin, wanted Ranbir to take cues from his films and imitate his style. However, Ranbir came with an idea of his own. He suggested that he better sketch out his character in a Mr. Bean-like way coz the new generation would easily relate to him.

Anurag was mightily impressed with the idea and now Ranbir has been asked to put on some weight so that he looks more like his character. Hence, currently, Ranbir is sinking his teeth into fatty food and trying to gain some flab; something that comes so easily to Kapoor Khandan.

So, how will our Saawariya look in his plumper avatar? Any guesses?

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