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Senin, 22 November 2010

Manisha Koirala considering a separation from her hubby Samrat?

Manisha Koirala
Manisha Koirala considering a separation from her hubby Samrat?: Just a few months after her marriage to the Nepalese businessman Samrat Dahal, things don’t seem to be hunky dory in Manisha Koirala’s wedded life.

Manisha almost sent shock waves through the social networking world on Friday by posting a message on her Facebook page that hinted that she was considering a separation from Samrat whom she married in June this year. She also added that she feared her decision might hurt her parents.

But Manisha perhaps had second thoughts after posting the message and deleted it after a few hours. She was probably apprehensive over all the media hoopla her message might create.

Manisha is quoted as saying that she was “angry” when she wrote the post. She also admitted that sometimes she overreacts and writes “silly things”.

So does that mean she’s happy with Samrat? Or is her marriage on the rocks.

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