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Kamis, 25 November 2010

Dolly Bindra rocking again in Bigg Boss house?

Dolly Bindra rocking again in Bigg Boss house?: Soon the Indian television would see the return of the loudmouth, Dolly Bindra, to the Bigg Boss house; well that’s the goss floating around.

Love her or hate her, but Bigg Boss producers can’t ignore her. When she was in the house, taking panga with everyone, TRPs of the show went skyrocketing. But as the small-time actress was evicted from the show last week, it seems the show has nothing much to offer to the audiences. The brash and bold Dolly brought excitement to the show which no other contestant was able to do.

Now, Dolly is expected to storm into the house this Saturday with a wild card entry. As a source is quoted as saying by a daily, “The channel enjoyed an all-time high with her (Dolly) on the show. Despite Pamela Anderson’s presence or Sameer Soni’s return to the show, there has not been much excitement on the show.”

The channel is now thinking of conducting a poll as to who should be brought back to the Bigg Boss? The winner will find his or her place in the house.

Can you think of any other name than Dolly Bindra!

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