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Minggu, 28 November 2010

Dolly Bindra is back again in Bigg Boss House

Dolly Bindra is back again in Bigg Boss House: Salman Khan anchored popular reality show Bigg Boss 4 has witnessed lots of controversies this season. From circulation of explicit mms clips to backbiting and bitching to brawls and a TV wedding, the controversy-prone 4 walls of this famous villa has seen everything.

Last week, Dolly Bindra and Samir Soni had been evicted from the house after they engaged in an ugly spat. While Samir has been staying in the house right from the commencement of the 4th season, Dolly Bindra had entered the house via a wild card.

But some people are opining that Dolly should be brought back more so coz Samir has made a return. While Dolly has already made more enemies than friends inside the house, it can’t be denied that her hot temper did give rise to fights and spats which helped the channel to grab eyeballs and raise TRPs.

There have been whispers that Dolly may be brought back since she has already apologized for her behaviour. And even the producers may not much mind a re-entry since it will seize the attention of the dwindling audience.

And after the Pamela Anderson show, the house does need something big to keep the viewers’ interest alive. But the question is should Dolly be hurled back? Would she be able to keep her temper in check?

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