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Jumat, 31 Oktober 2008

Skeletons in My Closet

Today: fun fossilized fashions and other Halloween horrors/ joys! CC thinks you will love this post even if you don't celebrate the pagan holiday...
Runway images via style.com except where noted.
At right: Alexander McQueen
Bernhard Willhelm, via nymag.com
Christian Lacroix necklace and cuff (CC loves these fun fossils!)
Japanese designers Hokuto Katsui and Nao Yagi, photo courtesy Fellow Fashionista Kira of Kira Fashion.
ASOS pearl wristband with skull cameo - scary pretty, right darlings?
Alexander McQueen chiffon scarf, at net-a-porter.com.
At right: Jan Leslie cuff links, available at Bergdorf Goodman.
Jade Jagger pendant necklace, currently half off at net-a-porter.com.
Juana Peekaboo Skull Ring by Fellow Fashionista Wendy Brandes.
Menswear? Boooootiful~
Willliam Rast Spring 2009 cuffed jean
Cardigan (right) and Peckham Rye silk tie, both at asos.com.
At right: E. vil Crystal Skull burnout tee, at intermixonline.com.
Religion skull-print inset spaghetti strap dress, at asos.com.
Subtly spooky: Tara Matthews skull print top, a mere $96 at net-a-porter.com
CC’s fave of the skeletal lot: Thomas Wylde Warrior skull buckle boots, also at net-a-porter.com.

CC's pumpkin patch pics and CC & sister Mindy's pumpkins, which we carved last night :)
All Hallow's Eve Link Love:

  • Fellow Fashionista Nothing Elegant has a fabulous Halloween-y post: click here.
  • Also, Fellow Fashionista Little Miss Dress Up has a really fun contest going on right now, so if you aren’t getting costumed for Halloween (or even if you are!), go here and maybe you can win a fab handbag just for emulating one of our fellow fashionistas.
  • Lastly, you simply must check out this fashion-costume post by Fellow Fashionista Poeta Fit.

Scrumptious Halloween goodies...
Creepy Comestibles!
Sure, a bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups will do the trick, but CC also loves elenis.com sugar cookies
and Halloween moonpies.
A devilish doormat for the witchy woman. This and previous at neimanmarcus.com.
Scary Wearables
Giles and Brother bat studs, at shopbop.com
Tophat, an image from Valerie Steele’s Gothic Dark Glamour, via nytimes.com
Perhaps you could be a Referee by wearing the Loeffler Randall Epaulet top pictured below? Available at shopbop.com.

These are the costumes that CC’s Fellow Fashionistas report they’ll be wearing this year:
The White Stripes
Karl Lagerfeld
Sarah Palin
Coco Chanel
Princess Leia
Sexy Schoolgirl
Hula girl
Big Bird
Greek Goddess
Batman (the new one)
Chiquita Banana
Galadriel from Lord of the Rings
Little Girl
Did I forget anyone? Hope you all have a super-fashionable and not-too-spooky Halloween!

Did CC mention that she got these admittedly Halloween-y Oh Deer! shoes from solestuck.com? They are fab and guess what? Now through Nov 4th, election day (please don't forget to vote!), Solestruck is offering CC readers a special discount. Use the discount code VOTENOV4 to receive 20% off your order (including sale items!) now through Nov 4th.

Now that's a treat!

Project Halloween

Laura's got her latest Daily Beast column up and it's all about her favorite holiday and what a horrible mother she is. Tidbits:

"I had to cancel all of my appointments today because I put in pair of freaky contact lenses last night for a Halloween party, and I can’t get them out. These lenses white out my eyes entirely except for a small black spot in the center, which I see through. They are a very clever design; imagine a white donut painted on a contact lens, and the effect is ultra creepy.


Wearing latex is quite ritualistic. These garments are quite difficult to get into, and there is an entire process needed to make it happen. First you need to cover your body with baby powder, and powder the inside of the garment as well. Then you step into it and sort of roll it up, hoping you get it in the proper place, because it is very difficult to reposition. Once you have the garment on, it is covered in the baby powder both inside and out, so it essentially has to be polished. My boys do this job, and are always happy to help. Each boy, armed with a handful of silicone, rubs me down until I shine like a brand new sex toy in a Times Square window (before Disney took over Times Square). I can only wonder what lasting affects this activity will have on their sexuality, but I figure they will end up in therapy for one reason or another anyway. We take Halloween very seriously in this family, so to my boys; their mother dressing like Frankenstein’s Dominatrix is par for the course."

Did you think she didn't send us pics? Darlings, of course she did!

These people just aren't right.

Tonight is Laura and Peter's Halloween party. We can remember viewing her bio video for season 3 and saying "We WILL be invited to the next one." This was before we even met her. And yes, we were invited to this one and planned on going as Nina and Michael, but goddammotherfuckershitpissdamnhell, we are swamped with work and other obligations this week and we had to call her yesterday to cancel.

We'll just have to settle for this glimpse into her decorations and costume from Bravo:

We have to say, that video does a pretty good job of capturing the chaos of their home. It's pretty much exactly like that every visit we ever had with her.

[Photos: Courtesy of Laura Bennett - Video: Bravotv.com]

Stylista: The Claws Are OUT

Man, there is nothing like a bunch of camera-hungry students willing to fuck themselves over for their 15 minutes of fame, is there? We're going to need to retire the term "trainwreck" because we've used it so much to describe this show. For now, we'll go with "clusterfuck," but we're really going to need to come up with something unique.


Crying boobs.

Who sits on the bathroom floor and has a good cry except for maybe Edie Sedgwick on a bender?

We kind of love Cologne but man, that Cactus Flower eye makeup has got to go.

Dyshaun's kind of a snivelling little bitch. We can respect and even root for the in-your-face bitches like Megan, but everything he does is behind someone's back.

And speaking of which...


These two alpha bitches spent the entire episode peeing in a circle, marking their territory. We hope for nothing so much as an entire season of Alexis and Dominique here ripping each other's eyeballs out.

Here's the thing: Megabitch Megan...well, we're actually starting to root for her just a tiny bit. Like we said, she puts it all the hell out there and we imagine if you were to walk up to her and say "Wow, you're kind of a bitch," she'd look at you blankly for a full minute and then say "Yeah...AND?"

Ashlie, on the other hand, is convinced of her moral superiority and we'd rather she just came out and said "I fucking hate her because she's the main thing standing between me and the big prize," instead of wrapping it up in a lot of "I'm doing this because she's EEEVIL."

Wow. That was a lot of unneeded analysis about two bitches fighting in an alleyway.

We love when young people on a reality show think that "calling a meeting to yell at each other about how much we hate each other" is somehow going to be productive.

And honey?

WHAT the fuck are you WEARING? It's like Smurfette joined Mummenschanz.


Let's talk about this one.

He seems like a sweet kid, but what the fuck is someone like that doing on a reality show? And why does an "aspiring designer" not know the most basic fashion terms?

It was like he planned to have a panic attack.

"I need to talk to you guys because tomorrow I plan on collapsing into a pile of tears. Oh, and I may stop breathing for a while, okay? Don't block the camera."

Seriously, this was embarrassing.

It's not as if the show will ever have a lot of credibility but it's at least to their credit that they sent him home because not eliminating someone who can't even handle a basic grunt editorial assignment would have been a joke.

Well. More of a joke.

[Screencaps: Projectrungay.blogspot.com]

Kamis, 30 Oktober 2008

Leaf It To Me!

Yesterday: nature’s autumn leaves. Today: fashion’s fab foliage! Darlings, leaf prints are a TREEt! They feel more modern than florals right now (though, not to worry – lawn prints are hot for Spring 2009). The runway inspirations are nearly infinite, and utterly divine, as "natural" art inspirations aspire to be, but rarely achieve. At left, Gucci gets bodaciously botanical, with both maple leaves in typical fall shades (far left) and palm fronds in alluring aquamarine (near left).

At right, Vera Wang gives new meaning to the phrase "Splendor in the Grass".
Photos via style.com except where noted.
Carolina Herrera Andrew Gn

Dries van Noten

Left: Elio Berhanyer, via vogue.es
Right: Gucci Resort.
This was one of CC's favorite collections in recent memory - every piece, exquisite!
Badgley Mischka Oscar de la Renta Elie Saab
Ossie Clark
Agnes B., via nymag.com.
IN THE NURSERY (for small trees, not tiny kids)
At left: Tsumori Chisato meets the leaf blower!
This and next via vogue.fr.
Kenzo (CC's fave part of the ensem? Those booties!)
Emilio Pucci

Sari Gueron
A.F. Vandevorst
Left: Tuleh - CC loves!
Right: Vera Wang, via nytimes.com

Vivienne Tam
Stella McCartney
Even accessories are getting flora-fied!
Runway inspiration: Valentino
In the stores:
Right: Citrine by the Stones gunmetal earrings, at revolveclothing.com.

Left: Kenneth Jay Lane gold-plated long leaf earrings. Visit my-wardrobe.com to buy.
Right: Giles & Brother large leaf earrings. Go to barneys.com.

You can eat your Leafy Greens, or you can wear them!
Matthew Williamson’s printed maxi is now 25% off; this and next 4 at net-a-porter.com.
Oscar de la Renta gold leaf embroidered black floor-length spaghetti strap gown.
CC is absolutely smitten with the demurely printed peachy Pringle 1815 frock pictured at right!
Deal of the Day: T-Bags magenta abstract leaf print v-neck jersey dress, on sale for $102. CC needs!
Day Birger et Mikkelsen embroidered permiwinkle kaftan dress, at right.
Hollywould Sylvie shift. Visit shopgoldyn.com.
Ali Ro dress, at montmartreny.com.
This lovely Badgley Mischka lime leaf-print silk dress is currently 40 percent off at bluefly.com.
The ChloĆ© knockoffs have arrived at asos.com, and they’re just $48! Also in red…
Now make like a tree and get outta here! (Name that movie, darlings!).