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Selasa, 30 September 2008

Judging the Judges: Diane von Furstenberg RTW Spring 2009 Collection

Our check from Diane cleared, so now we can say nice things about her collection.

[Photo: Courtesy of frillr.com]

If You're Not Watching The Rachel Zoe Project...

Then darling, why not?

We admit that we weren't exactly on the edge of our seats waiting for the show to debut, but it has worked its way under our skin and now we consider it must-see reality television. We can't say we were ever Rachel's biggest fans in the world before this show but now all we want to know is how we can get our resumes to her. Seriously, Lorenzo weeps at this show in a "What have I done with my life/it's not too late to join the circus" manner that Tom finds vaguely disturbing.

Too often, reality shows revolve around people that not only aren't interesting enough to warrant them, but all too often have deluded themselves into thinking they're more interesting than they actually are. You know which ones we're talking about.

Not so with Zoe. Say what you will about her profession and her standing in it, the fact is, the life of a top Hollywood stylist is pretty damn interesting and entertaining. Sure, it's not curing cancer, but there's a trainwreck-in-motion fascination with watching a high-strung stylist with high-strung assistants careen around trying to find the perfect frock for her no doubt high-strung clients. And even Rachel in her calm moments can survey the wreckage and declare it nowhere near as important as "world hunger." Even if we don't believe she really thinks that, her sense of humor about the insanity and inanity of her life is funny and surprising. "When I started in this business I was 21 years old. I was the girl trying to break through security and trying to get in and even getting a standing seat let alone a seat. Seating in the front row at fashion shows that 's a big part of the dream for me." Lorenzo, whose favorite movie is Working Girl, cheers her through his tears.

Joining her in the fun are assistants Taylor and Brad, both of whom are straight out of Central Casting. Taylor is from the "angry, unapproachable rock/punk/goth chick "file ("Taylor doesn't have friends. She doesn't like people.") and Brad is of course a page straight out of "acerbic, high-strung queen." The thing with the genre of reality television that can best be summed up as "follow a rich/famous person around all the time," is that more often than not, the rich/famous person in the title isn't all that interesting on their own and the key to making them pop off the screen is giving them a strong set of sidekicks. Mission fucking accomplished.

If we had to sit through an hour of Rachel complaining about...well, everything, and saying "I die!" every time something pleases her, honeys, we'd be fighting over the remote in seconds. Think of it like this: if you've ever watched Absolutely Fabulous (and if you haven't, what the HELL are you doing reading this? Go!), Rachel is basically Edina and Taylor and Brad are Pats and Saffy. That's pretty much all you need to watch the show.

And then there's the clothes. If you love fashion TV, then this is a feast. Again, Lorenzo wept a bit. "Stores lend us on approval until we decide what works. We take them to set, we do a fitting with the clients, we pick a few options, then we buy what we need and return the rest to the stores." That's Lorenzo's idea of heaven.

In last week's episode (and continuing in tonight's) Team Zoe is off to New York for fashion week. You would think they were storming the beaches of Normandy. "I need a ton of options. I'm looking at great blouses there are great for press interviews, I'm looking for great shoes, great bags...I'm looking for everything I can use to style my clients." Of course there's the usual reality show shenanigans of playing to the camera, "heartfelt" confessionals, and manipulated situations, but watching them rush from show to show trying to catch Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein - and still trying to find time to see lesser known designers and get to look at their collections while still in the studio -"There's only one sample. Nothing has been produced for sale purposes, for stylists, for private clients, nothing has been produced for buyers. There's literally one. Everyone needs to share that collection and it's next to impossible." - darlings, by that point, Lorenzo is curled up on the floor and questioning his own fabulosity.

But you'll love it! Promise!

Check out the preview for tonight's episode:

[Screencaps: Projectrungay.blogspot.com - Videos: Bravotv.com]


... as in: Asymmetric Hem! We’ve become accustomed to the one-shoulder look; now it’s time for a whole new asymmetry! Hems have gone haywire, and the effect is magnificently uneven!

At right: Anne Hathaway in Atelier Versace

At left: A.F. Vandevorst Spring 2009 - CC adores the uneven lace hem!

Photo credits: Ms. Hathaway, courtesy instyle.com.
Runway photos via style.com except where noted otherwise.

Christopher Kane
Duyos, via vogue.es
Jil Sander
Nina Ricci
, via nymag.com
Michael Kors
Atsuro Tayama
courtesy telegraph.co.uk
Oscar de la Renta
Rick Owens
, via nytimes.com
For beginners: an asymmetric hem sweater, like this Vivienne Westwood Red Label oversized cable cardigan, available at net-a-porter.com.
For the adventurous – CC loves asymmetric hem skirts because they allow a gal to show a bit of leg without crossing the line into trampy…
At left: Chloé Wanderlust asymmetric floral skirt; this and next at net-a-porter.com.
Vivienne Westwood Red Label new basic draped skirt
Gary Graham Secretary shirting skirt. Visit lagarconne.com.
For advanced fashionistas: the asymmetric hem dress.
At right: Jenni Kayne swing tank dress.
Left: Alice + Olivia structured collar tweed dress; both at shopbop.com.
Roksanda Ilincic asymmetric color block frock - it doesn't get any pinker than this! This and next five frocks available at net-a-porter.com.

Rue du Mail asymmetric velvet dress
Roksanda Ilincic square drape dress
Vivienne Westwood Red Label crepe jersey corset dress
Alexander McQueen satin one-shoulder dress
Roksanda Ilincic coral drape tank dress - CC loves the bold color accents on this one!

Will you be wearing the a-hem trend??

It's Kenley, Bitch.

Alright, there's only one dress left and we barely have anything to say about it so we might as well get started.

Jerell had the easiest time of it this challenge. Partially because he had a pretty model that could pull off the look he was assigned (unlike most of the designers) and partly because the look he was assigned was the broadest and the easiest to pull off.

You say "pop" and that can mean a lot of easily identifiable looks. Jerell chose the Britney/Pussycat Dolls look. It's not one we would have chosen, but we can't blame him for going there.

His instincts were, for the most part, good. He pulled off a look that had a slutty vibe and showed a decent amount of skin but also kept her covered up enough so as not to look vulgar.

Personally, we don't LOVE the look but we think he nailed it nonetheless. He would have been our pick for the winner. Not because it was the most inventive look - far from it - but because it was the most recognizable.

You couldn't really picture any artists from other musical genres wearing the other designers' outfits but you could instantly picture Britney in this.

That's not exactly a check in the "creative'" column for Jerell but it does speak to his practical sense.

As does the choice NOT to use this hideous fabric. Seriously, girl. You had us worried there for a second.

Say what you will about Kenley (god knows we have), but she's got the bland pretty looks and the youth (not to mention body) to pull off a Britney pastiche fairly well. Jerell understood that so he went for the most obvious choice.

And we really can't fault him for that but we do have criticisms.

The little vest looked a little too Sonny Bono for us. The way the skirt turns into the collar wasn't all that flattering to her midsection and made it look a little thick.

And the cups didn't look they were capable of supporting anything; they just looked tacked on. He's lucky his model was perky enough (boobs, not personality) to pull that off.

[Photo: Barbara Nitke/Bravo - Screencaps: Projectrungay.blogspot.com]

Age Maps - Bobby Neel Adams Photography

Really cool work by Bobby Neel Adams as he puts two pictures together of the same person one half is a child photo and the other the adult. See more of his work at Bobby Neel Adams.