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Minggu, 31 Agustus 2008

Z is for . . .

Over the past several weeks, CC delighted in presenting her Fellow Fashionistas with an alphabetical fall trend primer. If you missed a few posts and need a recap, see the intro here. Taken together, the mood this autumn--brought about by a lovely cross-section of pretty paisleys, fabulous fringe, billowy fabrics, playful prints and bold color--brings CC a real ZEN feeling.
Yes, "Zen Fashion" is actually a video game! But more importantly, it’s a step on the path to enlightenment.

You know it when you find it: that perfect piece that is entirely YOU! Though zen fashion for fall is typified by boho luxe, embodied in the runway looks pictured here, you can interpret it in your own way!

Gucci’s Autumn ad campaign makes CC feel at peace…

Anna Sui
Dries van Noten

Photo credits:
Runway pictures via nymag.com.
For video game at top of post, visit zenfashiongame.com.
Just Cavalli
For some, zen fashion is quite literal: find a fabulous accessory to align your chakras. For yogis and the like-minded, there is Chakra Sky Jewelry by Shirley MacLaine. Visit shirleymaclaine.com for more on the “science” behind these oversize baubles.
Contrary to what its name might connote, the Gucci Hysteria tote may bring you inner peace! Available at Bergdorf Goodman. Thanks, Songy!

For most, a floaty and flattering frock is the ultimate in clothing enlightenment. CC loves this Roberto Cavalli silk chiffon halter gown. Visit net-a-porter.com to buy.
Note: CC received several comments on yesterday's
Yardage post about how unflattering long frocks are on petite ladies. CC respectfully disagrees! Have your dress tailored properly and don a killer pair of platforms and you will be surprised at how statuesque you look! Case in point: Ashley Olsen, left.
But if you don't believe CC, or if perhaps something shorter might be more liberating for you...
This JMM mini flower print silk chiffon dress with flutter sleeves is the ultimate in hippie refinement.

This and next two looks at shopbop.com.
CC also adores the carefree chic of this T-Bags silk ruffle front print dress.
Does teal tantalize you? Get this Haute Hippie gold beaded v-neck frock!
Perhaps a pop of color in a refined print will help you chase away the blues . . . Try this Thomas Wylde printed chiffon blouse, available at net-a-porter.com.

What is ZEN to you?
Darlings, this brings our ABCs of fall to a close, but do not fret! There are many scrumptious September styles on the way. Here’s a sampling of what's in store: patent bags, luscious legwear, marvelous mittens, Hitchcock heroines, peplums, blue blazes, spats, luxury, architecture in fashion, repurposing, and equestrian chic.

So stay tuned!
And in the meantime, Happy Labor Day, and enjoy this last gasp of bikini weather!
La Lohan circa 2004 at left, via Vanity Fair.

Sabtu, 30 Agustus 2008

Leanne's Fall/Winter 2008 Collection

Darlings, let's take a mo from ripping dresses and ... well, rip some other dresses. Not that we would rip these because we think they're beautiful. If you read the title then you know we're talking about Leanne's Fall/Winter 2008 collection, about which it is said:

"Creating beautiful, conceptual garments that are ultimately wearable remains the focus of the line. Leanimal's signatures feature structural tucks and pleats, non-traditional combinations of fabrics and textures, and always figure-flattering silhouettes."

Structural's the name of the game here and Judy Noodles likes her layering and her pleating and (of course) her noodles. We think she has quite a distinct style - feminine and romantic and modern - and we think many of these pieces are downright beautiful.

And for extra measure, here's her Spring 2008 Collection:

[Photos: Courtesy of Leanimal.com]

Shear Genius Finale Party!

Darlings, Mommy and Daddy had to walk the streets to make a buck and we're so very far behind on our postings! Will you still love us if we tell you all about the Shear Genius finale party? You will? Then gather 'round, kittens.

Nekisa, Paulo, Meredith: you are DEAD to us for not being there. DEAD.

Because we were attending the party with PRGayBoy #3, Emmett McCarthy, we arrived late. He was putting sparkle nail polish on his toes and it took forever to dry. When we got there, we had to sign in and we heard one of the clipboard girls mention Jaclyn's name. Our gay little heads shot up. "She's here? Jaclyn's here?" Then we primped.

Anyway, when we got there, Nicole, Charlie and Dee were all under the bright press lights ... cutting hair. Yes, they had 3 wigstands lined up in their chairs and they were doing a "benefit challenge" where the wigstands got their strands trimmed and sent to Locks of Love. Jaclyn and Roy Teeluck were sitting in the judges' chairs and Rene was yelling out how much time they had left. We felt like we were on the show! We even had the alcohol to make it complete!

Too much of a crowd around the finalists and judges, so we went to mingle. Who was the very first person we ran into?

Why, Lady Bird of course.

It's so funny. All night, we went up to stylists and introduced ourselves. "Hi, I'm Lorenzo and this is Tom." *polite smile* "From Tom and Lorenzo." *eyes bug, mouth drops open* "OHMIGOD!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!" *hugs!* Lady Bird was of course no different.

"Well come on over here so I can give you a hug!" He is ADORABLE - and much cuter in person. We'd love to tell you what we talked about, but he speaks so fast, we could only catch every third word or so: "Y'all...LadyBird...all my friends...love it...y'all...so funny...business is GREAT!...y'all...Lady Bird was actually from Austin, not Dallas... y'all!"

You get the gist. He said his salon is making up Lady Bird t-shirts for his customers. How fucking cute is that?

Gorgeous Glenn did not need to be introduced to us. She came running over, all bubbles, boobs, and giggles, and gave us a big hug. Bitch is BUILT like a brick shithouse. No lie. Skin tight little black dress with the girls front and center, she was WORKIN' IT and we spent the first 5 minutes telling her how gorgeous she is.

She introduced us to her hottie husband, Nick. We stood back just to watch these two winners of the genetic sweepstakes give off light.

Seriously, they're a gorgeous couple and you kinda want to hate them for that, but they're so funny and sweet too. We of course dished about behind the scenes stuff and we of course, are not going to tell you what we said.

Gail came over in a HOT little dress, all dolled up and looking way more glam than her time on the show. How come we couldn't tell these girls had such hot little bods on the show?

The challenge concluded and Dee was announced the winner. "Bet she did another bob," someone we won't name* said to us with rolled eyes. "There's a shock." Mrrrow!

*no, it wasn't Daniel, Glenn or Gail.

As we were making our way through the growing crowd, a familiar voice called out "You're not just going to walk past me, are you?" It was Mr. Nips and Ass himself, the gorgeous Rene Fris, here with our favorite Bravo GalPal, Director of Digital Marketing and Events, the stunning Valerie Brown, who was working the SHIT out of a tight little lowcut dress. These ladies were all putting it out there in a room full of gay men.

Anyway, Rene was his usual friendly and ebullient self. He's very funny and self-effacing in person. You might assume he was some diva pretty boy, but honestly, we've never gotten that from him.

And then, it happened.

Our gay lives are complete. We just wanted to travel back to 1978 and tell our burgeoning little fag selves, "See her? On TV? Isn't she fabulous? You're going to meet her someday! And you'll tell her not to put her arms around you for the picture because you've got back sweat!"

Yes, it's true. Kelly Garrett went to put her arms around Tom and he blurted out "Oh honey, you don't want to do that. I'm sweating like a pig." All class, that Tom. To his eternal gratitude, Jaclyn burst out in a genuine guffaw when he said that and it took away the sting. A little.

She was incredibly sweet and - may lightning strike us - GORGEOUS in person. Whatever she paid for that face, it wasn't enough. You would think in person she'd look like Cher or Joan Rivers or some other plastic surgery tragedy, but she looks luminous. Her skin and hair are absolutely beautiful in person.

Something else we noticed about her: at various times during the night, we saw her in deep conversation with every single stylist who was there. She could have just shown up and posed for pictures, but you could tell she missed each one of those designers and was genuinely interested in what they were doing. Trust us, you would NEVER see Heidi Klum do something like that.

Dee was bouncing around talking to a million people and we barely got a chance to snap this picture with her lookalike Mom. They were both so cute and so thrilled to be there.

M. Breton from Taiwan and the fabulous Amanda Fields. Glenn will be doing the hair for Malan's Bryant Park show. How cool is that?

Nicole, working the Edie Sedgwick look. Absolutely adorable girl. Loaded with personality, she's that girl you always notice first when you walk into a room. Super stylish, with that short white hair and those gigantic eyes (with glitter eyeshadow), she's hard to miss. Totally sweet.

And then of course...

Miss Bitch Charlie. Who is not a bitch at all, in fact. Oh, he's bitchy, don't get us wrong, but who are we to judge on that front? The first thing he said to us was "You're better looking than your cartoons." He's no fool.

We dished like crazy and in fact, we had to be pulled away from him because we were all so engrossed in our bitchery that we didn't realize a bunch of other people were lining up to talk to him.

We walked away and Emmett said "I'm not getting the vibe off him." Meaning, the winner vibe. We agreed and Emmett asked "Well who do you think it is, then?" "Dee," Tom answered. "She's been grinning ear to ear all night."

We're like the gay Hardy Boys, bitches!

When we congratulated Dee after she won she told us that she couldn't wait to get on the phone and tell her family; she hadn't told anyone except her mother. If she was bouncing off the walls before the show, she was practically dancing on the ceiling when she got her big obnoxious check. Lots of whooping and hollering.

It was of course a blast watching the show with the stylists, who called out profanities and flipped the bird at Kim Vo onscreen to the delight of the rest of the audience. Let's just say the liquor was flowing freely and no one was holding back. Fun was had by all.

We'll get to the actual show and rip those facacta hair stories this week, dolls. Promise.

More pics:

[Photos: Tomandlorenzo.blogspot.com/WireImage]

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